Unified global vision

Multi-protocol and multi-job

Unified global vision


The multiplication of disparate and often non-communicating electronic security systems is creating a growing need for centralized operation and interoperability of human-connected systems. Companies are demanding a single solution to manage and control all security and safety systems with a single user interface.

Key Benefits

The graphic interface that automatically adapts to the user

How it Works

General architecture

Actives is a full WEB solution. Instant deployment: A basic computer with a web browser will allow you to use all the functionalities of ACTIVES (no internet access is required). Modern technology: displays and reactions are almost real time, with no loss of performance compared to "heavy client" software, including video. Isolation of information: The profile assigned to each user defines his functionalities as well as the information he can manipulate, view and control. This isolation makes it possible to separate different customers or users from different sites within the same company.

Some functional modules

- Targeted distribution of certain alerts via SMS, mail, voice, radio, IVR, people search (Actives Alert) - Interactive operator guidance in event management, handrail (Actives Process) - Parameterization of access control users from a single interface for installations equipped with different brands (Actives Access) - Presentation and control of the risk level of monitored areas (Active Risk) - Harnessing the quantifiables of the world of BMS: measurements, instructions with adapted tools: curves, counters, etc. (Actives Building)

Open platform and traceability

Actives already has more than 250 compatibilities in the different professions previously mentioned. Its multi-tier architecture easily allows our R&D to add new compatibilities (micro-services), but Actives also offers connection and control interfaces (API) for external systems in standard technology in the form of SOAP and REST Web services. Aside from the cyber security concepts integrated from the genesis of the product, an emphasis has been placed on traceability in different areas: - Users signing in and out - Actions taken by the user both at operating and parameterization levels - Processing of events and alarms

Examples of typical and atypical use

- Video interaction with any other data type - Audio: intercom and interactive voice server (IVR) in bidirectional link with Actives - Protection of emergency exits, - Elevators, escalators - Fire safety (detection, fire safety system, sprinklers) - Video content analysis, metadata processing - Supervision of HVAC, cooling, heating, energy and fluid data - Monitoring of IT and media networks and infrastructures - Machine monitoring - Resource management and optimization - Measurement, regulation, control - Diagnosis, troubleshooting and maintenance, updates. - Support, assistance - Sensors, connected objects - Personal assistance, protection of isolated workers, geolocation.


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