Software dedicated to risk prevention at work

Adapting, solving, saving

Software dedicated to risk prevention at work


Alfatéa is a solution created 15 years ago, by a passionate multidisciplinary team, based on field needs. We were committed to creating the same solution for all our customers, who are all subject to the same regulations, but who have different practices and organizations. This is why our solutions are very configurable, they adapt to all organizations (even the most complex) and to all practices.

Key Benefits

Multi-site solution Wide functional coverage Real-time information User-friendly solution

How it Works

Interactive interface

The solutions interact with their users and can communicate with all the other components of your IS (information systems), including your HRIS and time management solutions. They can be customized and/or made to measure.

Chemical risk assessment

Integrating two recognised methods: exposure monitoring and tools (re-labelling, integration procedure, mapping), it can also allow you to optionally carry out the monitoring of biological risks (MOT method).

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