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Innovation, agility, reliability

Innovation as a performance lever

Azur Soft considers innovation as a major lever for its development. This position is reflected in concrete terms since the company devotes 20% of its turnover to R&D each year; the department bringing together 30 employees. AzurSoft also invests in the field of fundamental research and has partnered with INRIA (Artificial intelligence National Research Institute) to contribute to the development of tomorrow’s security solutions, integrating AI in particular.

A growth strategy in line with market expectations

AzurSoft’s growth is based on a balanced strategy between external growth and organic growth. This resulted on the one hand in judicious and timely acquisitions in the areas of hypervision (Systel in 2017 and Saratec in 2018) and risk prevention (Alfatea in 2017); on the other hand, through a sustained and permanent investment policy to develop its products and solutions in line with the needs expressed by its customers and in line with market expectations.

35 years of expertise

Created in 1986, AzurSoft has experienced constant growth over the years. A durability that guarantees the operational experience of the company and precise knowledge of the various immediate and future needs of its customers.

A company on a human scale

AzurSoft has the technical capabilities and financial strength of a large group combined with the flexibility and agility of a start-up.

Creative and available, its teams are able to manage all types of procedures, including the most complex.

Innovation as engine
AzurSoft considers innovation as a concrete and permanent lever for its development