AzurSoft is a software development company focused on risk management, security, integrated command & control, and health & safety.

As a trusted partner, AzurSoft provides innovative unified management solutions to security operators for electronic security handling, alarm receiving professionals, safety & security directors, and risk managers.

AzurSoft is unique in providing both remote alarm management and PSIM solutions to the security and building management industry. Complementing them is the health & safety software, offering the most comprehensive solution on the market.

Alarm management with HORUS

Horus, alarm monitoring software

Vision globale

PSIM, Command & Control with ACTIVES

Health and safety software with ALFATEA

Managing security globally, monitoring all venues in real time, unifying the management of controls, enabling efficient decision-making, optimizing the operation and maintenance of installations, increasing productivity and developing new services are so many benefits for AzurSoft’s customers.

Marc Vaillant, CEO of AzurSoft