My Video Suite
Camera surveillance operators

Integrating doubt resolution at the operator station

My Video Suite
Camera surveillance operators


Integration of video at the operator station for doubt resolution and for managing video walls. Integration of protocols from major video manufacturers. Maximum traceability of interactions with video devices. Can be integrated with Horus and can also operate in stand alone mode alongside third party supervision system (coupling possible).

Key Benefits

Commercialization method adapts to each center's operating context Automation of doubt resolution and virtual rounds Mechanisms to manage low network speeds for the center's customers Integration of main VMS Multi-protocol

How it Works


Fast and on-demand integration of new video protocols.

Integration of the main market VMS

Integration of the market’s main VMS, availability of several protocols developed with the latest versions of manufacturers’ SDK, thus supporting all their video devices.

Virtual rounds

Presented as alarms to the operators and therefore perfectly integrated into the business processes.


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