My Horus
Your customers' private web space

My Horus

My Horus
Your customers' private web space


Web site dedicated to the center's customers and "attached" to the Horus database. Personalized access allows the center's customers to access and manage all data related to their site(s) in a secure and controlled manner.

Key Benefits

My Horus can be customized for each user allowing the center to market value-added services to its customers. The availability of their information reduces the number of incoming calls from customers. The ability given to installers to create their own files reduces the number of requests to the center's staff.

How it Works

Responsive design

The Web interface is developed with "responsive design" technology, allowing its use on mobile terminals equipped with a Web browser.

Data presentation

The data is presented in the form of summaries, graphs and tables equipped with numerous search filters. The export of data in different formats is also possible.

User profiles

My Horus has a specific profile that allows the person in charge of operations to administer the site (user profiles, requests for modifications, etc.).


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