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Keep your network alive

Secure and cost-effective sustainability of the current fleet of RTC transmitters

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Keep your network alive


As part of the shutdown of the switched telephone network (PSTN) announced by all telecom operators, the [email protected] converter has been designed to securely and cheaply sustain the current fleet of PSTN transmitters. [email protected] continuously monitors the status of the IP connection with the remote monitoring center, automatically ensures a backup connection via a GPRS transmission channel and allows remote control of all types of transmitters. [email protected] is one of the only products on the market capable of transporting audio streams in VOIP and makes it possible to carry out surveys without counter-call. Finally, [email protected] can be installed quickly and with complete confidentiality, thanks to a download procedure which allows the centralization of the deployment, operation, and management of the installed base.

Key Benefits

Easy installation Universally compatible Centralised admin and management Easy PTSN-internet box connection

How it Works

Reliable, safe and secure connections

Connecting a RTC transmitter using an [email protected] converter is to guard against the risks associated with the unavailability of the connection. [email protected] manages up to four IP directions, continuously monitors the status of the main IP connection and, if necessary, establishes a backup connection using a GPRS or GSM channel. Finally, to preserve the confidentiality of exchanges and limit the risks of cyber attacks, all IP transmissions are encrypted.

Simplified installation and configuration procedure

Deploy your fleet of [email protected] converters quickly and securely. A profile generated by the remote monitor and communicated to the installer contains all the information necessary to connect the transmitter to the operating centre. This profile is programmed in [email protected] and allows the converter to automatically download its configuration from the operating center when it is commissioned. For the security of your information system, a profile encoding mechanism makes it possible to hide all sensitive information, such as the IP addresses of the front-end receivers.

Increased efficiency through the removal of audio doubt

[email protected] supports the audio mode of PSTN transmitters. The audio streams are transported over the IP network (VOIP) and can be directly operated by the operators, without the need to establish a counter-call. For added security the audio streams are also encrypted and an echo cancellation mechanism provides optimal listening comfort.

A PTSN transmitter must not be connected directly to an internet “box”. Why is that?

Apart from the risk of unavailability of the internet connection (no battery backup for the “box”, loss of the DSL connection sometimes requiring “cold” reboots), several technical factors are likely to degrade the signals generated by the PSTN transmitters during transport, whether DTMF modulation (voice frequencies) or FSK (modems). These dysfunctions are non-deterministic and have a random impact on the logical connection between the PSTN transmitter and the remote monitoring center. To address this problem, the [email protected] converter is installed between the PSTN transmitter and the “box” or the customer’s router, locally interprets the signals generated on the analogue interface of the PSTN transmitter, and manages the dialogue with the receiver front end at the remote monitoring center using an encrypted IP protocol. This guarantees reliable and secure transmission of information over the internet network.


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