Alarm monitoring software

Agile, robust and deeply integrated management of alerts and alarms.

Alarm monitoring software


Horus is a complete alarm supervision software package used by more than 300 remote monitoring and remote assistance centers, elevator call centers, local authorities, etc. Horus receives information from customer (or subscriber) sites using the various Azur Soft reception front-ends (My Voice, Osiris, Securix, SMS, Gateway) and can also be connected to third-party front-ends. The software adapts to the requirements of each center's operation thanks to numerous parameters and also offers a scripting language (LUA) if very specific adaptations are required. The solution is fully scalable and aggregates functional modules and complementary sizing modules that can be acquired as and when the center's operating needs change. The implementation of additional modules does not jeopardize the center's previous investments.

Key Benefits

Scalable platform in terms of capacity and functionalities Functional completeness Open architecture Continuous addition of new innovative functional modules.

How it Works

Open platform

The Horus suite software is hosted on Windows systems and is based on an SQL Server database. The LUA scripting language allows you to interact with Horus and its complementary modules, with Windows and with an SQL Server. The Horus database model is provided to its customers who wish to be able to implement their own LUA scripts or SQL queries.

Fast Alarm Distribution Software

Horus distributes alarms among several operators using one of the ten distribution modes available, including dynamic load distribution among operators (depending on the importance of the alarm and operator skills).


Horus records all the events related to the center's customer sites in complete histories that are accessed by operators or operations managers, in order to trace the thread of events for internal use or for customers.

Perennial software

Supporting contract services include the supply of updates for the software modules acquired by the center, thus perpetuating the center's software configuration.


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