The IP multiprotocol Osiris receiver offers a powerful and secure software allowing the reception of incoming events from IP transmitters.

Osiris receiver is an IP multiprotocol receiver able to decode more than twenty transmitter protocols. Osiris provides Voip communication when needed.



  • Security: the architecture is based on several receivers and the polling management based on a replicated database offers a continuity of services: the stop of a server does not deteriorate the system operation. Receivers are installed in a DMZ for a total separation between the monitoring room LAN and the Internet network.
  • Performance: additional receivers and IP traffic load balancing, provides for easy monitoring room capacity increase. The distributed architecture allows an equilibrated processing of events. Polling faults and restore are sent to Alarm Monitoring System in real-time.
  • Evolutivity: simple adaptation of the architecture: add new receivers for new needs. From one receiver to dozens on complex Monitoring centers.
  • Homogeneity: the complete architecture is viewed from an external point of view as an single entity (AMS, file management, configuration management)
  • Interfaces: with main AMS presents on the market for the management of the events, the remote configuration downloading and audio management.
  • Flexibility: script language for transcribing’s and remote controls. Each reception port can be redirected towards two different AMS. System administration is controlled in real-time from the LAN with the Osiris Console windows software.
  • Ease of use: the architecture allows the referencing of a new receiver, a new port or a protocol in a matter of seconds.

Integration of new customer’s id and polling control are automatically activated upon receiving the first connection of the transmitter. An API also allows adding news sites from a foreign source.

Osiris supports an important number of IP protocols.

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