Horus is an Alarm Monitoring Software delivering real-time processing for various inputs, from alarm signals to video streams and GPS data. The Horus open architecture system is constantly updated to support all popular receivers and protocols, including AZUR SOFT’s Osiris and Securix.

Deployed in more than 300 locations worldwide Horus is a highly reliable platform designed to accommodate the requirements of central stations, certifying the punctuality of correct decisions and the delivery of your contracted SLA.

With Horus, alarm handling has never been easier.


Horus is built on secured Windows 2003/XP/Vista systems.

Horus uses the Microsoft SQL Server relational database, a reliable data repository interfaced the Office application suite. Horus is a modular and scalable solution : a basic configuration with a single operator can be easily upgraded to a full featured multi-operators platform.


Horus can process a huge numbers of transmitters and is only limited by the available processing power and disk space. Each console, depending on the rights granted to
the operator, is able to view/update data, process alarms or gather statistics.

Horus can be connected to an unlimited number of thirdparty receivers using serial lines or TCP/IP interface.

Horus is a very reliable software, using high availability features. Detailed logs (available to the administrator) provides information to diagnose every problem signaled to our support team.


Horus processes Alarms, Open/Close events, events, features a flexible schedule plan and up to eight types of line tests. It is possible to ignore missing events (no signal to
operator) or to trigger various actions.

Horus integrates the management of JPEG images (customer/sites/contact photos, etc) and PDF files for customer orders.

Horus provides a script language to define custom scenarios. The administrator can therefore leverage his knowledge of customer specific details to make sure that the operator will remain focused on relevant alarms.

Conditional instructions also guides the operator (by date, alarm panel state, day time or alarm type), limiting the amount of text that the operator should read to process the alarm.


Horus distributes alarms among operators using one of the ten distribution modes available, including dynamic load distribution among operators (based on alarm weight and
operator skills). Alarms can be delayed and transferred between operators. Each alarm is recorded in the event log, and all the actions taken by the operator to process the alarm (phone calls, remote commands, fax, emails) are marked with a timestamp. There is no limit for the number of actions recorded.

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