AMSET software offers mission management (patrol, technical visit,…) and data transmission from a mobile phone.
It is designed around a combination of software for remote data capture and transfer of information from a smartphone with Android operating system.


  • Send data to mobile
  • Enter data on mobile with custom forms
  • Track mobile from monitoring centre
  • Scan barcodes with integrated camera
  • Drop detection with accelerometers
  • EMERGENCY button


  • Forms are customized by an administrator and can be downloaded on the mobile
  • Actions started on the mobile can also be customized (menus, send events to monitoring centre, …)
  • A simple script langage on the mobile makes it possible to check data entry.
  • The informations received at the monitoring centre are processed by a specific script using the LUA language. However, any language can be usedto futher process the incoming data.


  • Patrol supervision
  • After-sale and technicians repairassistance and supervision
  • Tracking of agents
  • Health care monitoring
  • Sales people supervision
  • Flexibility of applicationson the mobile and on the monitoring centre make it possible to quickly adapt to new needs

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