AZUR SOFT has worked closely with banks and financial institutions as a trusted partner, delivering end-to-end security systems and value-added solutions that help optimize banking operations. Our enterprise banking solutions, systems, software and services help safeguard bank operations against internal and external threats and fraud, allowing enhanced protection of bank employees, customers, assets, offices, branches and bank office operations.



  • Reliable and secure video evidence capture of criminal activities,
  • Proactive and centralized management,
  • Video surveillance system with extreme reliability,
  • Ability to respond quickly to active alarms,
  • Use of video walls for general visual overview,
  • Capacity for add-on products and third-party integrations such as access control, video analytics or people counting,
  • Easy extraction of recorded video to use as evidence,
  • Multiple system users with different access credentials,
  • Unlimited scalability.



  • Assaults during hours of operation,
  • Vault security,
  • Criminal activities by employees or customers,
  • Security outside bank,
  • ATM operations,
  • Money transportation from one location to another,
  • Safe deposit boxes.


Suggested Products

Camera surveillance operators – My VIDEO SUITE

Camera surveillance operators

With the omnipresence of video devices, the market dynamism and rapid technological progress, multiple scopes of application offer new possibilities to camera surveillance operators.

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Multiprotocol IP Receiver – OSIRIS


The IP multiprotocol Osiris receiver offers a powerful and secure software allowing the reception of incoming events from IP transmitters.

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Mission Manager on Smartphone – AMSET

Mission management and data transmission from a mobile phone

AMSET software offers mission management (patrol, technical visit,…) and data transmission from a mobile phone.
It is designed around a combination of software for remote data capture and transfer of information from a smartphone with Android operating system.

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Extend the life of the existing PSTN transmitter base

The [email protected] converter was designed to extend the life of the existing PSTN transmitter base, in complete security and at low cost

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Alarm Monitoring Software – HORUS

Alarm Monitoring Software

Horus is an Alarm Monitoring Software delivering real-time processing for various inputs, from alarm signals to video streams and GPS data.

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