Nice, September 8th 2015 – AZUR SOFT, leader in remote monitoring software solutions for security, access and management of information in the remote monitoring and telecare markets, has chosen to integrate DIGITAL BARRIERS video analytics technologies into the surveillance module of its HORUS alarm management solution.

Integrating video into security systems allows remote monitoring services to be proactive and offer new services to their customers. Video has become an essential tool for operators who can now leverage real-time information from a growing number of remote cameras to verify if incidents and alarms are real, or used to perform virtual guard tours used as a preventative surveillance strategy that shows cameras in turn to an operator.

Using cameras requires robust analytics to limit the number of false alarms (a simple outdoor motion detection often generates up to 90% false alarms whose qualification generates a heavy workload) and to ensure that cameras are operational by detecting camera tampering or failure (masking, blurring, deframing, out-of-focus, over- or under- exposure, etc.). These video analytics techniques allow metadata overlays to be added to the video feed of the event that triggered the alarm, helping the operator screen the alarm faster.


Video analytics integrated with AZUR SOFT solutions enable security professionals to overcome all these constraints, improve the efficiency of their operators and, consequently, reduce their operating costs. DIGITAL BARRIERS has embedded its video analytics technology inside the camera to convert these into intelligent video sensors and video verification devices. This mode of operation is consistent with AZUR SOFT’s approach for over a decade: video analytics are best performed on the monitored site in order to avoid unrealistic or costly bandwidth requirements.

The remote monitoring business is evolving and the use of video is now unavoidable. It is essential for security professionals to leverage the latest technologies to maintain their competitiveness by offering new services to their customers, while reducing operating costs. Only an open and modular platform such as Horus provides the agility required to interoperate with an increasingly dense ecosystem. Integration in record time of the DIGITAL BARRIERS technology in our solutions is the perfect example.”states Joël JACOB – AZUR SOFT’s CTO.

The quantity of security video harvested is growing at a tremendous rate and Azur Soft’s impressive monitoring platform assists greatly with the management and business exploitation of this data, allowing significant value to be realised. Coupling our video analytics has allowed the platform to take advantage of our significant investment in leading analytics creating valuable intelligence from the video and reducing personnel time in monitoring and checking alarms.”Adds Mark PATRICK, Digital Barrier’s CTO.